24 January, 2017

Priority Axis: EMPLOYMENT

• Measure 1.1: To promote women’s participation into the labour market, and increase female employment, including those formerly employed in agriculture
  Promoting Woman's Employment Operation - I - COMPLETED

  Women in Business Programme

• Measure 1.2: To increase employment of young people
  Promoting Youth Employment Operation - I - COMPLETED

• Measure 1.3: To promote registered employment
  Promoting Registered Employment through Innovative Measures Operation - I - COMPLETED

• Measure 1.4: To improve the quality of public employment services
  Improving the Quality of Public Employment Services Operation - I - COMPLETED


Priority Axis: EDUCATION

• Measure 2.1: To increase enrolment rates particularly for girls with a view to developing female human resources and access to labour market
  Increasing School Enrollment Rates Especially For Girls Operation – I

  Strengthening the Impact of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme in Turkey for Increasing High School Attendance

• Measure 2.2: To improve the content and quality in Vocational Education and Training
  Improving the Quality of Vocational and Technical Education – I

  Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training, and Vocational Skills of Young People



• Measure 3.1: Promoting the development and implementation of coherent and comprehensive strategies for lifelong learning
  Promoting Lifelong Learning Operation - I - COMPLETED

• Measure 3.2: To increase adaptability of employees and employers by investing more in human capital
  Increasing Adaptability of Employers and Employees to the Changes in Global Economy

  Increasing the Adabtability of Employers and Employees in Tourism Sector


• Measure 4.1: To increase employability of disadvantaged persons, facilitate their access to labour market, and eliminate barriers for their entrance into labour market

• Measure 4.2: Better functioning and coordination among the institutions and mechanisms in the field of labour market and social protection particularly in order to facilitate the integration of disadvantaged persons into the labour market



• Measure 5.1: Support for programming, management, implementation, monitoring, control, evaluation and publicity activities
  Technical Assistance for Implementation of Human Resources Development Operational Programme - COMPLETED

• Measure 5.2: Support for development of absorption capacity of potential and final beneficiaries

• Measure 5.3: Information and publicity activities
  Technical Assistance for Potential Operation and Grant Beneficiaries & Information and Publicity - COMPLETED

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