24 January, 2017
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Minister of Labour and Social Security

Mehmet MÜEZZİNOĞLU was born in Gümülcine, Western Thrace, on January 9, 1955. After spending his childhood and youth in Rumelia, he came to Istanbul in 1970. He completed his high school education in İstanbul İmam Hatip School (Religious Vocational High School). He graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of İstanbul University in 1982 and returned back to Western Thrace. Since he thought that the realization of his ideals was only possible through returning to father lands, he took refuge in Turkey by crossing the Evros River in 1983. He completed his specialization at Internal Medicine in Haseki Hospital. He became a Turkish citizen in 1986.

He joined active politics with the Welfare party in 1992. He took part in the foundation of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and became one of the founding members of Istanbul Provincial Board. He served as the chairman of the AK Party’s İstanbul Province organization between 2002 – 2007. He was elected as a Member of Parliament for İstanbul in 2007 general election and re-elected to the Parliament for Edirne in 2011 general election. He was appointed as the Minister of Health in 61th Government. After having served as AK Party Deputy Chairman in charge of Civil Society and Public Relations which he took over on May 22, 2016, he was appointed as the Minister of Labour and Social Security on September 1, 2016 in the 65th Government

He is one of the founding members of Avcılar Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation, Western Thrace Education and Culture Foundation and Balkan Civilizations Association; and a member of Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association.

He speaks intermediate level of Greek, English and Arabic.

Minister Müezzinoğlu is married, with two children.

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